We do a lot of good things for RAN!
The only thing we don’t do much is Advertising!
We are satisfied by making great game!
It becomes your loss by not playing this, isn’t it?
– GM Master

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Enjoy Our Finest Setting

We don’t just make game. We make people’s experience. DMC RAN was built on the belief that RAN should be fair, balance but challenging, and we carry that belief into everything we do.

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Welcome to DMC RAN International

DMC RAN is a EP9 version private server which is base on Official RAN Online Hong Kong Episode III setting since 2004, most of the setting are remained.

DMC is not mean to be dominated by one person, each class is mutually exclusive to each other. One word –
[ Teamwork is everything! ]

Discover the best RAN online (private server)

We refuses one hit kill, that’s why we don’t sell VIP weapons and VIP armors. All gears can be acquired in-game by hunting or trading.

Unfair skill effect are removed, aims to provide a fair game environment to each player around the world who love this historical game.

[EP9] Classic 4 Classes + Extreme!


Best Assassin Ever!
[Instant Teleport]
[x1.5 Critical Damage]
[Attack Speed]


Who dare to challenge me?
[Group Target Pull]
[x1.8 Strike Damage]
[Self-HP Recovery]


Excellent Defender!
[Group Target Fix]
[Ignore DEF]
[Skill Cut]
[Instant Attack Speed]
[Instant Moving Speed]


Team working, is my nature!
[Group Invisible]
[Group Anti-Invisible]
[Skill Cut]
[Damage Reflex]


I can kill you all just by myself!
[Gun Skills]
[Archer Skills]
[Fist Skills]
[Swordsman Skills]
[Magic Skills] [Assassinate Skills]
[Shaper Skills]

DMC RAN EP9 Remastered!

Useful Functions

Download and Join us Now!

Before you click the download button, I must warn you that if you are too stupid in exploring, this game will never suitable for you!
And please don’t act like a kid in DMC,
Otherwise, I can assure you will definitely get insult from me!
Have fun! ^^
GM Master

Ps. DMC RAN is going to run another decade for you guys as RAN GS done,
is never to late too join us!

January 2020

[Main Client (主程式)] 🎮

Download link [Google]
Download link [MediaFire] 🔥

[ Optional Patches ]

[Latest Patch (更新檔)]

Download link [Google]
Download link [MediaFire] 🔥

[Patch for Chinese version (中文版本補丁)]

Download link [Google]
*登陸版面 / 遊戲內皆可選擇遊戲語言
*如中文字符未能正常顯示 / 無法輸入中文字, 請查看此貼文設定 -> [連結 ]

[AutoPatch Launcher (遊戲登陸器+自動更新)]

Download link [Google]
Download link [MediaFire] 🔥

[Unzip Password 解壓密碼]:

Please Register Your Game Account In-Game!

Hot Running Event

Team Recruitment Event (AT團)

How to claim your reward? (參賽詳細)

[5+] Team Recruitment Event, 5 members reach required level in 7 days, gain 1000 Contribution Point per each;
[20+] Team Recruitment Event, 20+ members reach required level in 7 days, gain 1500 Contribution Point per each;
[5+] AT團 進駐活動, 5人團 7天 內到達指定等級要求, 每人可得1000貢獻點;
[20+] AT團 進駐活動, 20+人團 7天 內到達指定等級要求, 每人可得1500貢獻點;

Level Requirement 等級要求:
[EP9] Level 300
[EP3] Level 190

Other Conditions:
Character Name: First 2 or more character name remain the same of each member;
Team leader need to prepare:
Character UID (check in game press ‘C’), Character Name, Character Level, Date of participate, Group Photo of all members;
Team leader gather all necessary information to GM via facebook message for verification;
( Verify via IP , each account can link up to 3 IP, exceed this limit will treated as give up your right of this Event!)

角色名稱: 每個隊員 首兩個或以上 的字符必需一致;
角色UID (遊戲內按 ‘C’ 鍵查看), 角色名稱, 角色等級, 參與日期, 全員合照;
隊長集合如上所需資訊後, 透過 facebook 提交給 GM 審評;
( 需通過IP驗證 , 每個賬號最多可連3個IP, 超過者視為自動棄權! )



We apologize if we are away and may not able to respond at the time you made contact.
Our service hour is Mon ~ Fri 21:00 – 23:00, Sat ~ Sun 10:00 – 23:00. We appreciate you getting in touch!

Facebook Page / Official Group (INTL) / 玩家交流群

Service Hours

Mon ~ Fri: 21:00 – 23:00
Sat ~ Sun: 10:00 – 23:00

Regular Maintenance
Sat: 6:00 am – 9:00 am
GMT +0800
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